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[2008.06.22] Yuki Jutta: Kekkyoku

[original post]

Good morning!  (^O^)/

Yesterday I had a photo shoot until midnight.  (^ー^)

That's because it was raining hard even at the location!

It was really cold because with a crew cut, the rain goes right to your scalp.  (-_-;)  (laughs)



For rain use an umbrella!

For an umbrella...

A magical umbrella!  (>∇<)/

I forgot it.  (T-T)

I forgot my umbrella.  (T-T)

I could really use a magical umbrella on a day like this...  (T-T)

But eventually...

I bought a vinyl umbrella.  (゜▽゜)  (laughs)
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Today I had rehersal for Dream Live in the morning!

When that was finished, there was a workshop for D-Boys!

I really used my body today...  (>_<)

When that was over, I went with Makitetsu*, again, to a seafood donburi place  ♪

Of course I brought my photobook along, and when I handed it to Makitetsu, he said

"Why are you giving this to me?"

and I took a picture of his face.  (*^^*) (laughs)

Oh, has everyone gotten to see the photobook?

I want to hear everyone's thoughts!  (^∀^)ノ 

*Makitetsu = Makita Tetsuya
[original post]

Earlier today, I went to a seafood donburi place with Tomo!

I had a donburi bowl that was piled high with maguro!

It was delicious!

And, while I was about to take his picture, he said,

"Wait a moment!"

and didn't say anything more as he silently rummaged around in his bag.

The next thing I knew, he was posing like this.   (^-^;)

What is this, promoting his photobook?  ( ´ー`)  (laughs)

Oh, and this is all thanks to wanting to watch this week's episode of Wafuusou Honke.

I was rehearsing for Dream Live, so I missed it.  (>_<)

From now on, I'll definitely be checking it out as often as I can!  
[original post]

Hello!  ☆
I'm a thoroughly embarassed Shinpei today.  (>_<)


...all day today...

...my socks...

...were different.  ☆  (laughs)

Heh.  (*^。^*)

Anyway, it was an awful mistake. ♪
My right foot was wearing a regular sock, but my left foot was wearing an ankle sock.  (laughs)

When I got home and was changing my clothes,

I yelled out,

At any rate,
wearing mismatched socks
is a lifetime experience.  (ToT) (laughs)

[2008.04.30] Yanagishita Tomo: DoriRai

[original post]

Practice for Dream Live is going very well.

Yesterday, after the Radio thing was finished,
I went to practice,
And I practiced all day too  ☆

It looks as this year's Dream Live will be the most fun yet!

And, I haven't said it to you guys yet,
but I'm sure you all know that...

...at this year's Dream Live...


...the 3rd and 4th generation Kaidou Kaoru,
Yanagishita Tomo...

will be graduating!

I have many memories,
but the best memory I have is...

...the audience, the cast, everyone who believed in Kaidou, having so much fun!!!

And so, I will never forget this feeling of gratitude and I will do my very best!

That's my best memory.

Everyone, please come to see my last performance as Kaidou Kaoru.
Please look forward to it.  ♪
And please, engrave it into your memories. ♪

Dream Live's final Kaidou Kaoru,
will do his best!
[original post]

Peach Water!

I was at the store earlier when I found this.

"This is it for today!"

I thought and bought it then and there.

I'm going to do my best at practice using Peach Power!

[2008.05.02] Makita Tetsuya: Yossha!

[original post]

I bought this today because the make-up artist from yesterday was drinking it, and it looked delicious.

Bananas are very nutritious!

That's what Yuuichirou said yesterday.

All right, I'm going to do my best at practice!
[original post]

I'm deeply indebted to my sempai because of this dog.  Isn't it cute?!

It's a Chihuahua/Yorkshire Terrier mix!

Lately there have been a lot of mixed breed dogs around, and I've had to take a second look at them when walking around town.  (laughs)

"Huh?  What kind of dog is that?"  I say.

I wonder what happens in dog society?

With humans, it's "Huh?  What nationality is he?"

With dogs, do they ask "Huh?  What breed is that?"...

...while taking a second look and tilting their head?

They may be tilting their head in interest, but they probably don't feel anything, huh?

Something like, "He's a smart dog"  (^-^)

Uh oh...  ヾ( ´ー`)  I've gone off topic!  (laughs)

I haven't met the dog in the picture yet, I've only seen it through pictures!

I've never had a dog before, but it looks like I'll get one!

The dogs that come around are cute, aren't they?

This guy looks like he'd cause trouble if I weren't around.  (*^_^*)  (laughs)

Everyone...do you have dogs?

**You really need to click the link and check out the dog in the picture.  It's one of the most adorable things you'll ever see!!

[status update] Slowly slowly...

School/Life/Play got a little intense.  I'll try to pick up the pace again.  ^^

Same thing as last time though.  It's too much work to go back and translate what I missed, so I shall just start with entries I found interesting/cute.

If you have anything you'd like me to *try* and translate, please post a link here.  ^_^  (Preferrably something with kanji and not just romaji...since it's much easier for me with kanji.  ^_^)

[2007.11.26] Araki Hirofumi: OSUSUME

[original post]

I'm going to tell you about the time I went shopping with Suzuki.
I found a health device called, JOBA.  It's really great!
Because this is one of my most favorite things, I recommended it to Zukki who went, "Oh...oof!" while making this face.
Very expressive, isn't it?  ☆