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The debut is only a month away, so we're here gradually learning the dances.

Dancing is hard.  (*_*;

Because I don't have any dancing experience, my body can't follow each and every movement so it's awkward.

It's a hard fight...

But I'll make it in time for the debut!!

[2007.11.09] Yanagishita Tomo: Kyou wa...

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This morning I was interviewed with Makki*!

I'll report in detail what happened afterward!

We talked about a lot of things.
It looks like there'll be a two-page poster too!
If it is released, please check it out!

When we were done, I went to lunch with Makki (I had the special.  ♪  The Negitoro** special  ♪), and had TeniMyu rehersal after that.
It was delicious!

Rehersal for TeniMyu finished a little early today.

Today was Oga's (the 4th Taka-san) birthday, so we surprised him!
After that was the first meeting for Seigaku.
It had a good atmosphere.
Because buchou was very firm, I felt tense.
I'm looking forward to what comes next.

When practice breaks up, I'm went to buy some clothes with HaraMasa!!!***

I showed him the shop I always go to.  ☆

I'm glad that he was interested!!

Today I bought a cardigan (gray), a sweatshirt? made of towel-like material (gray), and a mozzu coat**** (dark green)!!

Shopping was fun, after all.  ♪♪  It gave me a refreshed feeling.  ☆

Well, I'll end here today. ♪  Later!  (^_-)-☆

*  I'm pretty sure he's talking about Makita Tesuya, here.  The 4th Generation actor for Momo.
**  Sushi made of fatty tuna.
***  Hara Masaki, the actor who plays Horio.
****  I'm not sure what it's called in English, but he means this.  (I want one!  XD)

[2007.11.06] Shirota Yuu: Waai (>_<)

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A friend gave this to me!!!  That's right.  I love Gizmo.  (laughs)  I really want to have one.  I'll definitely obey the rules!  (laughs) 

(If you don't know what I mean, please watch the movies "Gremlins" or "Gremlins 2."  ☆  By the way, the two Gizmos are really cute.)

One more thing!  This pink Gizmo is one of only 2500 in the world.  ♪  It's a treasure  (^O^)/

[2007.10.20] Yanagishita Tomo: Kyou wa...

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Once again, we're doing some photos for TeniMyu!

Yesterday I met the Higachuu guys, and today I met everyone in Seigaku!!

We're in the middle of shooting right now!

It's the first time I've met everyone, but they're all really nice and great guys.  ☆

I'll do my best!

[2007.10.20] Yanagishita Tomo: 3 Shot

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Right now we're taking a short break!!

Pictured is HaraMasa and Ryou from the trio* and I.

*  He means the Ichinen Trio.  HaraMasa is Hara Masaki who is Horio, and Kawamoto Ryou who is Kachiro.

[2007.10.20] Yanagishita Tomo: Owatta!

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I'm done with the TeniMyu photoshoot!! 

It was fun ♪ 

The fourth generation cast are all good people.  (^o^)

Shougo-chan, who plays Ryoma, was really cute.  (*^_^*)
I talk a lot about TeniMyu when I'm alone.  (^^;)  Haha

After this, I'm going to "Switch."*

*  He means "Switch wo Osu Toki ~ Kimi-tachi wa Naze Ikiteirun da?"
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I cut my hair!  It's pretty short!  Does it look good?  I was nervous when it came time to cut it.  (^-^;)  I was really worried because it had been a while since I'd had short hair, so I wondered if it looked good.  But the beautician said that it looked good, so I felt relieved.
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Well, my hair that is...
I cut it after so long!

I cut it to a nice length so that I could become Kaidou-chan.

It's sort of refreshing.  (^^)

With this, it will be TeniMyu photos from now on!  ♪

I'll do my best!!

I'll become Kaidou!  (*^_^*)

Well then...  ♪

Baichiei!*  (^_-)-☆

*  I need to look up what this means.  I've never seen/heard of it before.  ^^;

[2007.10.16] Makita Tetsuya: Cheese Ramen

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After our TeniMyu lessons were over, we all went to Karuku Ramen!

I tried an unusual ramen of theirs called "Cheese Ramen."  (^-^)

I've become close with the other Seigaku members because we've been together almost every day.  We ALWAYS get excited when talking about nothing.  ☆
[original post]

I'm stopped on the Yamate Line...

I wanted to get home early, but...

Ahhhh, just my luck...

Well...I'll just wait patiently...

I recorded Eyeshield today.*

I have a pretty good feeling about the Oujo match, because the script was fun.**

And so, because I haven't done so in a while, I took a picture with Mamo (Mr. Miyano Mamoru).

This guy, he's really...

Ah, we're moving.

Ahhh...really...  ┐(´ー`)┌

Well then.  (laughs)

*  Here, Naoya says "Kyou wa AISHI no shuuroku deshita."  I'm taking AISHI to mean Eyeshield 21, since Naoya is Shin Seijuurou in Eyeshield 21.  (Miyano Mamoru is Sakuraba Haruto.)
**  He says "OA ga tanoshimi desu."  I'm taking OA to mean the script, since it stands for "Office Automation."  If anyone knows better, please let me know!